Did you choose happiness today? Tick tock!!

1) Think about what brings you YOUR happiness and makes you smile.


Every person in this world has his/her perception of being happy.


For some it might be being successful in their career, for some it might be the desire to be/remain healthy and to be surrounded by people they love .


We all have our own priorities in life.


We should make an effort to check,if our race to obtain these priorities set by us for ourselves ,does coincide with the things that make us genuinely happy.


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Happiness can be found in simplest things like looking at a rainbow, the warm feeling of being loved or making a snowman with our family or just sipping a warm coffee leisurely with no agenda for the whole day in mind …


2) Its ok to stop to smell the roses!

Take some time to unwind the stress, break the routine once in a while, have the good and blessed feeling of being “alive”!


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3) Compliment yourself at least once a day

Be it anything… Smile at your reflection in the mirror, pat yourself on your shoulder for any achievement-small or big.



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4) Be thankful.

Not everyone is blessed with everything in this world.


We should try to be happy with what we are blessed with and make an effort to help others in need.


Any help small or big will make the person you helped happy and above all will make you HAPPY!


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5) Have/develop a positive attitude towards life.

Be positive and attempt to stay away from the negative thoughts in life.


Everyone has their own share of challenges in life to deal with.


As someone has said “Grass is always greener on the other side”.


Key to happiness is self-contentment and self-satisfaction.


A famous saying by C. G. Jung –” I am not what has happened to me; I am what I choose to become.”



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6) Meditate and Exercise.

Meditation is the key to finding inner peace and relaxation.


It has been practiced since time immemorial.


Exercise releases the “happy” endorphins.


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7) Have a good sleep and pay attention to both physical and mental health.


Having a 7-10 hours uninterrupted sleep is now a days considered a luxury 🙂


Try to get enough and refreshing sleep time.


Catch your dreams!




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Sleep is very important part of our daily routine as studies have found that sleep deprivation has been linked to many chronic health conditions such as heart disease, mood disorders…So sleep good, be happy😊






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Continue on your road to happiness….


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