15 Very Easy Ways To Start Living LIFE To The Fullest-Say YES to the Joys of Life



“Quit beating yourself up, beat your goals up instead.”    ―a famous saying


1) Do not get stressed out in realizing your own shortcomings, accept them and make a positive effort to overcome them.





2) Break your problem down into smaller issues and try to evolve a simple problem-solving strategy for your problem.



Take baby steps, instead of one giant unfeasible step, work towards self-improvement in small feasible baby steps.



Gratification from the victory of these small steps you have achieved will be pleasing to your reward centers of the brain making you more likely to achieve your next small goal you have set for yourself.



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3) Seek help within your own self first



People can go to other people for helping them with this, which may have a positive impact; but ultimately the best person who knows you is YOU.




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4) Don’t look for INSTANT gratification, look for achieving your ultimate/long term goal.


Pat yourself on your shoulder for your achievement-small or big. Congratulate yourself.



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5) Boost up your self-esteem.


If you cannot love your own self, how can you expect others to like you. 


Radiate positive energy, don’t sulk, instead of thinking of what went wrong today, think of what went right, what good happened to you and what good did you do today.


It could be helping someone in an elevator or the steps, complimenting someone, helping out a colleague, donating in charitable organizations, volunteering for something good.



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“Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.” a famous saying



6) Compliment someone at least once every day.


Show someone your appreciation, it will bring a smile which will give you that warm feeling of being good and make you smile, let your “happy” hormones flow. Smile is infectious!




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7) Don’t procrastinate.


It’s the easiest shortcut our brain allows us to choose.

But choose to stay on your determined path of achieving that small goal for that day.


e.g. today’s goal could be “I am going to wake up on time today”, “I am going to make a plan to finish the pending work before the deadline”, “I am going to talk to that person and resolve this issue that has been bothering me”, “I am going to spend 10 min on exercise today”… 


Again, don’t expect BIG improvements overnight, take baby steps. Don’t put things on TOMORROW, remember what mom used to tell us 😊. 


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Don’t wait for things to happen, MAKE them happen. Make your own hope and future!



8) Don’t have unrealistic goals for yourself. Think reasonably and work towards a realistic goal. Don’t be too hard on yourself.



Show love and compassion as well be strict with your own self. Listen to the positive inner voice.



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9) Develop will power, win over your mind and control your mind, learn to say NO to the things that your subconscious mind or inner voice tells you not to do.


As time goes, you will attain that will power to be able to direct your mind towards the positive things in your life and be able to block out the negative thoughts that bring your energy or self confidence down.




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10) Meditate for few minutes before you step out of your bed.



Think of the blessings you have in your life and the beautiful life ahead of you.


Deep breathe a few times.


Think as if you are letting the negative energy flowing out of you and you are infusing radiant productive energy thoughts inside you with this deep breathing.


Program your mind with self-confidence and positive thoughts.



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11) Get enough sleep. We need at least 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


REM sleep, which is the deepest stage of sleep, plays an important role.


People who sleep better are more energetic the next day and tend to have less health problems overall as per the studies.


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12) Decrease your screen time.


It’s difficult but work towards decreasing it slowly.


Our eyes and brain do need some rest.


Get yourself UP from that couch/bed and do some walking, go up and down the steps in your house few times, go for a jog, find some physical activity instead of paying heed to the urge of spending time on social media or other screens.



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13) Make REAL friends, not online “friends”.



Know your neighbors, join a study group or book club or join a gym. Get involved in your community in some way.



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14) Do not believe anything anyone says to you all the time. 


It might not be true.


Our brain always wants to believe what it wants to hear.


It might be guided by fear or anxiety about something or about false hopes of getting something.


Always think logically, weigh the right and wrong, think what makes sense and what does not, consult the experts.


15) Surround yourself with people who love you and care about you.


Appreciate them and treasure them. 



Love and family and real friends; MAKE life beautiful!


Unleash your full potential and you will realize a world of endless possibilities. 


Life is beautiful, choose happiness.🙂 


Love yourself and give yourself a “happy” chance 


Search inner peace within your own self to find happiness


Focus on good and let go of bad, treasure happy moments and self reflect


Your road to happiness..🙂


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