How much time for the sunrise?

Pull yourself away from the negative thoughts, concentrate on the positive thoughts. To let go of the bad and hold on to the good in life. Forgive and forget. There is no point on crying over the spilt milk. Respect and appreciate the life we have been blessed with.

Don’t be too hard on your own self. Failures are steppingstones to success. Also, the perception of success is different for everyone.

Try to be with the people who love you and care about you. Such people are hard to find; so, respect and treasure them. Have faith and always be hopeful, be confident.Every cloud has a silver lining and after every sunset comes a sunrise. So, hang in there buddy!

Meditate and exercise as these activities release the “happy” endorphins, make you feel good and divert your mind towards inner peace. Try to make a “connection” with your inner self. Practice deep breathing expand your lungs each time with it. This not only helps decrease anxiety, it also is a good cardiopulmonary exercise which you can do wherever you are. Keep up with your routine visits with your family doctor to maintain good health overall.

Try to make small feasible changes in daily routine, instead of trying to implement a huge unfeasible change. Take baby steps. Rome was not built in a day!

Talk to friends/your support system-People who have strong social/family/friends support, have decreased chances of anxiety and mood disorders.

Be a part of a community program and volunteer if possible. Try to make a positive contribution to the society which will boost up self-esteem.

Try to gain happiness through experiences and not by things. Spending on experiences is better than spending on things as experiences last a lifetime while materialistic things do not. Making a snowman with your family is far more precious than running after some materialistic goals most of the time. Stop and smell the roses!

Continue on your road to happiness….


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Developing Positive Attitude

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