Magic Mirror On The Wall, Who Am I Afterall?



When we look in the mirror every day, what do we see?



Do we truly spend a full minute to see ourselves and think about what will we do today which will make us happy?



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We are constantly in a rush, rush, rush… It is true for most of us.



That mental checklist about all the things that need to be done flashes in our brain the minute we hear our alarm and wake up.



Well some of us do not even get any meaningful sleep due to either working, worrying about a deadline or about in-laws visiting, ruminating about the events from the other day, checking social media, and the list goes on.



The world around us definitely has become very competitive, not even sparing the kids in elementary school these days. The kids in middle school and especially in high school are constantly told to do their best academically or else face a bleak future in this competitive world.



Some of us feel obligated to enroll our kids in various activities such as ballet, soccer, dance, piano for the sake of building good educational resume kneeling down to the currently perceived high college demands. Sometimes our kids want to pursue these activities, sometimes they don’t.



So, we see that anxiety and frustration start building up at such a tender age knowingly or unknowingly.



It affects us as parents as well as we are the chauffeurs running around with them and dealing with all the crankiness from them and also trying to “juggle” everything.





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We think finally we have everything under control and there one thing comes as a surprise and there we go frown.




Life should not be that difficult, I believe. Life should be about doing things that we enjoy from the core.



Point duly noted that we do need to be realistic in current society ,that being said, we should at least make a sincere attempt to stop for a few seconds in this mad race, close our eyes and take a deep breath and to look within ourselves to ponder about who we really are and what we really want to do and what is our plan for this life.



Life, as we know, is not forever and who knows for sure to what extent all these stressors impact our life expectancy.



It is already known from ongoing scientific data that anxiety and stress have a negative impact on physical and mental health.



We should not lose track of what is in front of us and what we have while making plans to secure our future.



Enjoy being yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself -spend some quality time with your family, parents, friends; take that well-deserved mini-vacation; enroll yourself in a yoga or meditation class; join that cooking or painting or dance class that you always wanted to.



Bottom line, the idea is for us to “free” ourselves from all negativeness and instill positive thoughts and energy in ourselves.




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Always remember to forgive and forget, no point in holding on to bitter memories and building up resentment and bitterness in ourselves as it only hurts us; does not help us in any way.



Some of us are blessed with good health and some are not. Some of us have more problems than others. But I am sure we all have at least one positive thing in our life that we think we are blessed with.



We should be thankful for what we have and make the best from it without getting surrounded by self-doubts, mistrust, anger, and frustration.



Once in a while we should get wet in that light rain on a sunny day and try to look for that beautiful rainbow which we could have missed while running to look for an umbrella.



We should take a “happy ” chance– run barefoot in the grass trying to listen to the melodious chirping of the birds in our backyard or help someone totally unknown who genuinely needs help. We should come out of our closed dark rooms and open the windows and let the warm sunshine touch us with its radiant positive energy.



Doing small things in life often gives biggest pleasures.



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Just wearing a wide happy smile on our face instantly gets the “happy hormones and neurotransmitters” flowing.



Smile 😊is free and infectious.



We all should choose and spread



Continue on your road to happiness….





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