Happiness lies within our own heart and mind. We need to search for it inside us and not outside.

Happiness is a state of well being that includes living a good life, one with a sense of meaning and deep contentment.

The Dalai Lama described happiness in the sense of more satisfaction. He said that happiness is not necessarily a pleasure experience, but a neutral sort of experience that can bring deep satisfaction.

The ultimate source of satisfaction lies within ourselves.

Happiness should be a lifelong goal and not just a momentary fleeting achievement.

Happiness can come from anything, no matter how small or insignificant it may seemingly appear to be. Think about that warm feeling you get in your heart when you cuddle up in your soft rug that you have at home; you miss it when you are trying to sleep in an expensive hotel room.

Happiness does not come from expensive things; real happiness comes from your experiences.

Moments of happiness can come from simple day to day experiences like saying goodnight to your kids each night and telling them that you love them, a warm hug from your loved ones, having a good laugh with your friend, the feeling of having your loved one by your side no matter what and having hope with every sunrise.

Self realization makes us understand the finiteness of objects and infiniteness of experiences. So we should focus on collecting moments of experiences and not waste away our precious time in pursuit of materialistic meaningless objects.

To be happy is to spread rays of happiness throughout the world like spreading the rays of sunshine. We must not just speak of happiness; we must experience it. Then we will embody it in a way that transfers to others and transforms their lives too.

Happiness is powerful. It can transform our lives. Self-confidence, faith and love can increase our happiness and can change our perspective towards life and give us the power to turn hopeless situations into hopeful ones.

So Believe In Yourself.


When we make a promise to bring about a change in ourselves, we need to act immediately, making a practical plan that will help us turn the promise into a reality. It should not be just a “New Year Resolution”, the effort towards the change should start right away. We also need to make sure we understand why fulfilling that promise is important to us. We need to keep reminding ourselves of what we have committed to do, until we accomplish it.

If we feed positive mindset to our brain, the resulting output is positive emotions and happiness and decreased stress and ultimately, we are rewarded with inner peace.

Determination brings success. We need to recognize that difficulties are not as huge as they might initially seem. And though time seems to stand still, it is moving on   and every new minute brings a renewed opportunity for   change and success in life. We need to develop the determination to work on our problems with this understanding. We then, will be able to face any situation with ease.

To experience the truth, is to bring it to life. When we want to bring something new in our life, we need to make space for it. When we imagine what our life would be like, if we could make that space or change, we begin to bring it to life. Gradually our courage grows. The truth, makes us strong and powerful. We become successful in changing our life in a way that truly benefits us.

Feelings change intentions, which in turn change actions. Instead of being caught up with negative feelings, we need to look for  the positive in everything. When we start seeing the world in a different way, this will affect the things that we do.  When we start behaving positively towards others, we will get positivity in return.

Change has to begin within us first.

If we want to achieve long lasting change, we need to commit and put a significant amount of effort. It is not enough to practice only when a challenging situation arises as it will only bring a short term change. Constant practice prepares us for problems whenever they arise and brings long term change and results.

Let us take control of our happy center in our brain and heart. Let us try to condition our subconscious mind to see the joy in everything and to eliminate any gloominess from our life.

It is easy to accept things as they are, instead of trying to make a positive change. Give yourself that chance of self-improvement and the chance to enjoy the rewards of your well put efforts.

The key thing is to maintain a clear view of what is important to us and what will provide us with real happiness. It is easy to get misguided about what our priorities in life are. 

Beginning this moment, let us try to remove those glasses of unnecessary anxiety, fear, uncertainty and insecurity and let us wear our brand-new glasses of self-confidence and courage that give us the strength and clear vision of our path to lifelong happiness and guide us to a deeper understanding and experience of our life.


Self-confidence is magic.


Easier said than done, true. But nothing is impossible. Try small steps of positive achievable life changes instead of trying to implement huge changes which may  not work right away and leave you frustrated and discouraged.


10 Affirmations For Inner Peace And Happiness


I loved the character of Christopher Gardner in the pursuit of Happyness, which excellently displayed the fact that perseverance and faith never go in vain. As someone has beautifully said, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you pick yourself back up and fight harder.

Happiness is an inside out job; it comes from within. Happiness is a state of mind. It is our way of living day to day life, our attitude towards what happens to us in our whole day. It highly depends on our reaction towards our circumstances in life and how we deal with them.

We need to remember that life is 10 % that happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Our happiness is solely dependent on ourselves and definitely NOT based on approval or acceptance from others. We need to stop looking for happiness in external things, we need to stop blaming others for our unhappiness.

If we have peace of mind, we can be happy in any uncomfortable external circumstances that life throws at us. If our mind is not peaceful and not in a positive state, we cannot be happy in even the most comfortable circumstances in life.

Inner peace is associated with bliss, true long lasting happiness and contentment.

Try to move away from negativity and people who hinder your progress towards a better happy successful life.

To forgive means to forget the negativity of the past, the act of letting go. We should let the past be past and concentrate on the present and the future as soon they will become a past too!

 We need to develop the power to forgive and forget other people’s mistakes and remember only their positive actions. By creating a positive environment, we make it easier for us to overcome our weaknesses and realize our potential.

True happiness and inner peace can be achieved by expressing gratitude. The word gratitude means being thankful to someone or for something. We should be able to recognize the gifts of life , food, sunlight colors, health and list goes on. We should also be able to express our gratitude to the people who have helped us in any way or have done any good to us any point of time of our life. Gratitude helps us appreciate the goodness in every little thing and makes us realize the importance of everything we have been blessed with. This leads to self-contentment and self-satisfaction which ultimately is the source of real happiness and peace in life.

Each day we have 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds at our disposal. That translates to 86,400 chances or at least 1,440 chances to be happy each day.

Let us use those chances and take a step towards the pursuit of positivity, inner peace of mind and real happiness in life.

Simple ways to be healthy and happy.

Your road to happiness..




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