One Day At A Time







Today is 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds at our disposal.


What is that we want to achieve today…


-finish work


-finish daily chores


-spend time with kids and family


-call friends


-get good sleep


-Etc etc, the list of to do’s never ends….


In all these minutes we had yesterday, let us ponder how many minutes of positive health we actually spent on ourselves.


We will be surprised that we may have not spent any time on our health.


Even we might have skimped on good relaxing sleep.


It does not take a whole lot of time to start and stay on path of healthy lifestyle.


A good night refreshing sleep.


Early morning deep breathing and yoga with brisk walks.


Listening few minutes to positive talks of your choice.


Healthy filling breakfast.


If we have done these, we have achieved quite a bit.


We have gathered enough coping material for the stress that is thrown to us as the day goes by.


We need to learn to appreciate ourselves.


We should congratulate ourselves for each and every achievement no matter how small it may be.


It is significant for us and gives us self-confidence.


Let us make a promise to ourselves that we will try our best of our own health starting today.


Road to happiness….




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