Things That Matter Most In Life


What are the most important things in life?


Sleep, peace, money ….?


Everyone has their own priorities in life. But some choices are “golden” and are the right ones to choose.


Small things


Happiness is the little things. Ultimately our life is made of moments filled with small happinesses that add up to bigger moments of happiness. If we always try to look for a big happiness or success, we may fail to recognize and thus miss the small but important smiles that we get blessed with off and on.


Happiness is finding time to have a stroll in nice weather, breathing the fresh air in and feeling the sunrise light up all the dark, having a warm cup of coffee while enjoying the rain, seeing an innocent charming smile of a baby, finding a lost loved thing, watching one of the favorite movies, the list is endless.


This happiness is a sure thing in comparison to our yearning of a “big” happiness to arrive to “make us happy”.


Happiness is a choice, we can choose to be happy whenever we want, in whatever situation we are in.


We need to maintain positive outlook and positive energy in life.


So, let the happy hormones and smiles flow instantly instead of holding them up only for special occasions.


Enjoy the little things in life.




Family should be valued immensely. Family support can help us tide over the worst situations in life. It can make our life beautiful. Make sure to show your family, how much you value and appreciate them.





Especially these days with ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have to be extra careful regarding our health, both physical health and mental health.


Life can become stressful. The key to remain healthy is to have coping mechanisms and a good support system.


Family and friends can be very helpful in this regard.


We should find activities that relax us.




Social distancing has made it challenging these days to follow our usual life routine but we can certainly have conversations with our friends without actually meeting them.


Most of us have a few people we trust and have spent some good times of our life with them. Some friends become as good as family.


Purpose and passion


We all need a direction in life. We need to set our goals to follow.


Ultimately these goals are related to our happiness, success and our existence.


So, we should attempt to choose our goals and our purpose very carefully.


Following our passion should make our jobs easier to perform and easily lead us to joy.


We live our life only once, so we should try to pursue a career that suits our aptitude and passion.


This can give us better sense of fulfillment and happiness in life.


Road to happiness..




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